Joaquim Molins Figueras Chair of Strategic Alliances



The chair’s research will focus on the following:

  • Understanding the key design traits that allow companies to successfully engage in alliances. 

  • Comparison of alliances versus other forms of corporative growth. 

  • Alliances in emerging markets.

Network of research collaborators

 Kimberly M. Ellis

Associate Professor of Management Programs, College of Business, Florida Atlantic University

Arne Keller

Researcher, School of Business & Economics, Freie Universität Berlin

 Bruce T. Lamont

Thomas L. Williams Eminent Scholar of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, College of Business, The Florida State University

 Fabrice Lumineau

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management, Purdue University

 Thomas Mellewigt

Chair of Strategic Management, School of Business & Economics, Freie Universität Berlin

Jeffrey J. Reuer

Guggenheim Endowed Chair and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder

 Xavier Sobrepere

Researcher, IESE Business School, University of Navarra

 Beverly Tyler

Professor of Strategic Management, Poole College of Management Research Scholar, North Carolina State University