IME - Institute for Media and Entertainment

IME - Institute for Media and Enterntainment

About us

The consumption of information and entertainment is undergoing remarkable growth today. In addition, there are new markets that are open to the information process, creating new business niches and enabling the international expansion of media companies. Along with these positive developments, managers must deal with other phenomena that are more challenging, such as an increasing number of competitors, sharp declines in advertising and circulation, uncertainty caused by changes in the legal, political pressures, difficulty in understanding how technological innovations affect the market, innovations and social and demographic changes, etc.

The IME seeks to be an ongoing reference for companies that make up the information publicity and entertainment fields. Specifically, the institute wants to contribute through research projects, educational programs, publication of texts and books sector, improving the competitiveness of the sector and improving the range of products on offer to citizens. It is our desire to have the collaboration of individuals, institutions and companies that engage in these activities and that want to contribute to efforts to improve professional standards in the field of communication.

Communication companies, in the broadest sense of the term, and entertainment play a crucial role in shaping society: print, audiovisual and interactive advertisers, advertising agencies and other intermediaries, spread messages, ideas and values upon which democratic society rests. In addition, these organizations are highly economically active, which requires the professional growth of their management teams. IESE and the School of Communication at the University of Navarra understand that with the launch of the IME, they can provide answers to these concerns and needs.


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