Institute for Media and Entertainment (IME)

We contribute to improving the competitiveness and quality standards of communication and entertainment companies, via research projects, training programs and the dissemination of specialized content.

Our intention is to offer a valuable response to the growing need for the professionalization of the sector’s management teams.


  • Collaborate with leading companies to investigate key areas.
  • Promote training programs for sector professionals.
  • Improve the links and synergies between academic teams and executives.
  • Disseminate relevant knowledge via bibliographies, articles, monographs, research and case studies.

Research lines:

  • Communication contents and media
  • Brand value and identity
  • DTT
  • Advertising
  • Free papers
  • Sponsorship
  • Innovation in the media
  • Brand perception and business model
  • The television market
  • Private television
  • Entertainment in the media
  • Communication management
  • Marketing communication

Board of Directors

Academic Director

Research Director

Institutional Relations Director

Academic Collaborators




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Edited books

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Book Chapters

SÁNCHEZ TABERNERO, A., VILLANUEVA, J., ORIHUELA, J. L. (2013). Social Networks as Marketing Tools for Media Companies. In Mike Friedrichsen, Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus (Eds.), Handbook of Social Media Management: Value Chain and Business Models in Changing Media Markets (pp. 161 - 178). Berlin: Springer.


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Technical Notes

SOOD, S., CORREDOIRA, L., URGELLÉS, A. M., VILLANUEVA, J. (2015). The Impact Of Digital Technologies On The Paid Content Market. Examining The Netflix Paradigm. IESE, MN-384-E.