5th International Executive Coaching Symposium | IESE Business School

Ages of Life and Career Stages

5th International Executive Coaching Symposium
Online, Nov 4, 2020

The 5th INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE COACHING SYMPOSIUM, organised by IESE Business School, was held on November 4, 2020. Exceptionally, it was held online.

The topic is Ages of Life and Career Stages. Our key note speakers will help us better understand and cope with the different phases of life that we pass through. We’ll reflect on important questions like how coaching can contribute to navigate these different ages of life and what we need to un-learn so that we can truly enjoy every stage of our careers, sharing them, as we do, with a mix of senior colleagues, millennials and rising stars.

As in previous editions, the symposium aims to contribute to the ongoing development of coaching with the latest research and hands-on practical information from the business world. It will be attended by senior executive coaches, academics and HR professionals from all over the world and provide us with new perspectives to enrich our professional practice and experience.

Last year’s symposium on Nurturing Purpose attracted 170 participants from over 30 countries who gave very positive feedback. We very much look forward to sharing a similarly rewarding experience with you this year!


Ages of Life and Careers Stages

Online, November 4, 2020


3:00 p. m. – Welcome

Dr. Estíbalitz Ortiz, IESE Business School

3:15 p. m. – Mid-life: How to move from strength to strength

 Prof. Arthur Brooks, Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School

4:15 p. m. – Millennials: myths and challenges

 Prof. Guido Stein, IESE Business School

5:15 p. m. – Break

5:30 p. m. – Panel with executives

Mr. Adrian Koch, Founder of AK Consult Pte Ltd, Singapore

Ms. Eghosa Oriaikhi Mabhena,CEO Africa, Middle East Asia Pacific, Global Aviation & Lubricants
Puma Energy

Ms. Marta Sánchez Serrano, HO Retail and Distribution, Vodafone UK


Moderator: Prof. Mireia Las Heras, IESE Business School

6:45 p. m. – Final remarks

Prof. Alberto Ribera, IESE Business School


7:30 p. m. – Closing

The different activities organized by the IESE Executive Coaching Unit are:

• Provision of executive coaching to strengthen and complement the learning of participants in IESE executive education programs.

• Research on the foundations and impact of executive coaching, the different assessment tools available, and the best methodologies in the context of management and leadership education.

• Workshops and meetings with other institutions. The coaching unit organizes a series of workshops and international meetings through close collaboration with other institutions.

• The publication of cases and technical notes. Over the last 10 years, IESE’s coaching unit has published more than 30 cases and technical notes related to executive coaching and assessment instruments.

The Coaching Unit relies on the collaboration of a team of more than 60 senior coaches that, besides their proven qualification and expertise in different methodologies of coaching, have a relevant professional experience working as executives in a variety of industries and corporations.

The Coaching Unit is led by Prof. Alberto Ribera, Academic Director, and Dr. Estibalitz Ortiz, Executive Director.