Eurest Chair of Excellence in Services

Holder: Philip Moscoso

Excellence in services has become a powerful source of competitive advantage for companies due to increased competition and ever more demanding customers. So as to leverage this opportunity, organizations need to analyze carefully how their service model will generate value for the company and its clients, from an integrated perspective covering everything from the service strategy to its operational implementation.

The mission of the Eurest Chair of Excellence in Services is to advance the development and dissemination of knowledge on how organizations can achieve excellence in service delivery, and how they can be innovative in this area.

Research lines

  • Foster economic growth and value creation via service-based business models
  • Design and define models for value creation between companies and their customers
  • Promote the creation of service cultures: analyze the human and organizational factors in service management
  • Leverage new technologies for the advancement and development of service-based business models

Holder of the Chair

Philip Moscoso is a professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management from ETH Zúrich, and has completed the Service Operations Management Program at Harvard Business School. His research centers on how companies, especially service companies, can generate a competitive advantage through operational excellence and innovation. As a business consultant, he has worked for international firms such as Bain & Co and KPMG.