IESE Foundation Chair of Corporate Governance

Holder: Jordi Canals

Companies that thrive over time normally have a corporate governance model that allows them to balance the relationship among shareholders, senior management and other stakeholders. The function of corporate governance goes beyond complying with norms, to encompass crucial areas such as the long-term development of the company.

But corporate governance is a complex issue that can be at the root of numerous corporate crises. With the rise of ever more organized shareholder activism, good corporate governance is the only way to improve corporate results over the long term and develop an organizational culture based on sound management, accountability, ethics and transparency.

The IESE Foundation Chair of Corporate Governance is dedicated to developing ideas that help improve corporate governance.

Research areas

  • The purpose of the firm and the role of the board of directors in promoting good governance
  • The factors that determine the efficiency of the board’s work
  • The board as a high-performing team
  • Strategy design: the dynamics among the board, the CEO and the executive committee

Holder of the Chair

Jordi Canals is a profesor of Strategic Management and Economics. He was dean of IESE from 2001 to 2016. He has written numerous books, articles and cases on management and corporate governance, including Managing Corporate Growth (Oxford University Press, 2000), Building Respected Companies (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and Leadership Development in a Global World (Palgrave MacMillan, 2012). He has been a guest scholar at the International Monetary Fund and a visiting scholar at the World Bank.