Indra Chair of Digital Strategy

Holder: Josep Valor

Trends such as mobility, social networks, the cloud and big data are manifestations of a much deeper change: the digital revolution. Companies must think about how to balance and combine apparently contradictory skills and attitudes: taking on risk, innovating and launching new projects, while maintaining the caution needed to ensure the stability and profitability of the business model.

In this context, the Indra Chair of Digital Strategy was created in 2014, with the aim of creating new strategies transforming the digital sector and the companies operating within it.

The Chair organizes symposia and international conferences, collaborates in the IESE Executive Education programs and offers regular sessions in IESE’s Alumni Learning Program. Its activities are integrated into IESE’s Information Systems Department.

Research lines

  • The effects of smart infrastructures on the business models of companies that provide services for these infrastructures or use them to deliver their services.
  • The use of social networks as a source of big data so that companies can adapt their business model to the 21st-century client.
  • The digital revolution and productivity.
  • Mobility and 24×7 connectivity, with the opportunities to redefine relational models that this represents for companies.
  • The transformation of the digital sector with the aim of creating a model of sector change.
  • Client relationships and digital marketing.

Holder of the Chair

Josep Valor is a professor of Information Systems. He holds doctorate degrees in Operations Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Medical Engineering from the Division of Health Sciences and Technology of Harvard Medical School and MIT, and in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. His research centers on the impact of IT on industrial structures and competitiveness. The results of his research have been published in the International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Knowledge and Process Management and he has published several books related to information systems management.