Girbal Puig

Senior Lecturer of Operations, Information and Technology

• Industrial Engineering, UPC
• M.Sc. degrees in Energy Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
• EMBA, EADA Business School

Albert Girbal Puig is a Senior Lecturer at the Operations, Information and Technology Department and has a solid executive background in a wide range of industrial companies and consultancy firms.

After studying Industrial Engineering in Barcelona, he obtained two M.Sc. degrees in Energy Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, an EMBA at the EADA business school and, more recently, a PDG at IESE Business School. He has held positions as General Manager or Industrial and Operations Manager in a range of industrial companies (plastics, heat insulation, printing, diamond dies, food, pumping equipment, textile), managing industrial assets both in Spain and in other parts of the world (Hungary, Poland, France, Brazil, Mexico, Korea, China, United States, Morocco, Portugal and Turkey). Within the consulting field, he has provided support to different types of organizations in the launch of products and services related with energy consumption.

In his current role as consultant, he designs supply chain control and improvement plans for companies operating in a range of industries (short circuit textiles, industry, energy, capital goods, chemicals) and also performs advisory functions at Institut Cerdà in his capacity as member of its Technical Council.

His current fields of interest are the management of supply chains in general as a tool for competitive advantage in an increasingly globalized environment with intense pressure on costs and, in particular, on the short circuit textile industry which has transformed this industry during the last decade; the fostering and development of entrepreneurship and the best way to help bring to the market what initially are just innovative ideas; and the management of crisis situations in organizations with the goal of diminishing their vulnerability and increasing their resilience.