Assistant Professor of Strategic Management

 Ph.D. in Business and Quantitative Methods, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

David Wehrheim holds a Ph.D. in Business and Finance from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, a Master of Science in Business and Quantitative Methods from the same university, and an undergraduate degree from Technical University of Munich. During his doctoral studies, he visited the Department of Management and Technology at Bocconi University.

His research uses large-scale empirical approaches to study innovation at the firm and individual level. In particular, his current interests include the design and management of technology-based strategic alliances, feedback effects from financial markets to corporate R&D decisions, as well as the role of patent rights for the mobility of knowledge workers and the creation of start-ups.

Prior to joining academia, David spent several years in industry working in marketing and strategy positions.

Areas of interest

* Economics of Innovation
* Intellectual Property
* Technology Strategy
* Corporate Finance
* Feedback Effects from Financial Markets


Journal Articles (refereed)

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Working Papers

BLANCO, I., FERRARO, F., VALENTINI, G., WEHRHEIM, D. (2022). Meet me halfway. Financial analysts and strategic change.
SAMILA, S., SIMETH, M., WEHRHEIM, D. (2021). Institutional ownership and the nature of corporate innovation.
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