Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

• Ph.D., Management and Entrepreneurship, University of Colorado
• M.S., Environmental Studies, University of Colorado
• B.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Puerto Rico

Desirée Pacheco is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship.  Prior to her doctoral studies, Professor Pacheco worked as a management and technology consultant with Accenture.  During this experience she worked with a variety of companies in defining their strategic direction and implementing new processes and systems.  In addition, Professor Pacheco has more than 10 years of experience teaching courses in the areas of entrepreneurship and strategic management, and her teaching combined active consulting with more than 50 startups and small businesses.

Dr. Pacheco’s research interests relate to the interface between institutions, entrepreneurship, and firm strategy.  She applies these areas of research to the study of sustainable business.  She is particularly interested in the strategies that entrepreneurs undertake to bring about institutional change, such as changes in policies, industry practices, and norms.  She also studies the effect of social movement activism on emerging industries and the new ventures that operate within them, and the ability of emerging industries to drive cultural shifts.

Professor Pacheco was granted the 2015 Emerging Scholar Award by the Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) division of the Academy of Management (the largest international association for management scholars). This award is granted to early career academics who have already made outstanding research contributions in the area of organizations and the natural environment, and who have a strong potential to continue making such contributions.

Her research has been published in the Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, The Academy of Management Journal, and The Academy of Management Review, amongst other publications.

Professor Pacheco is an editorial board member of the Journal of Management and the Journal of Business Venturing.

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Areas of interest

* Sustainable Entrepreneurship
* Institutional Change and Entrepreneurship
* Social Movements and Entrepreneurship


Journal Articles (refereed)

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Book Chapters

JAMES, K., MURRAY, A., PACHECO, D. (2013). Strong communities. Integrating environmental, economic, and social sustainability through sustainability vision and culture. In Dujon, V, Dillard, J.,& Brennan, E.M. (Eds.), Social sustainability: A multilevel approach to social inclusion (pp. 54-78). Routledge.