Professor of Accounting and Control

  Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Accounting), University of California-Berkeley
  Master of Science in Business Administration, University of California-Berkeley
  Degree in Industrial Engineering, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Dr. Fernando Peñalva is a Professor of the Accounting and Control Department since 1998. His areas of specialization include financial accounting and corporate governance. His teaching concentration is financial accounting.
His research focuses on the impact of accounting conservatism, fair value, earnings management, corporate governance, corporate disclosure, and international accounting (IFRS and US GAAP). Professor Penalva has published in the top journals of his field: Journal of Accounting and Economics, Review of Accounting Studies, European Accounting Review, Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, among others. Member of the Editorial Board of the European Accounting Review.
He was a member of the experts’ committee to improve the Spanish Governance Code of publicly traded companies appointed by the Government of Spain in May of 2013 on behalf of the Ministry of Economics. This committee produced the current governance code issued in 2015 by the Spanish regulator of the stock exchange (CNMV).
He was Secretary General of IESE’s Executive Committee for ten years until August 2016, and Vice Dean for Research and Development for three years. In total he has served thirteen years as a member of IESE’s Executive Committee. He was the Head of the Department of Accounting and Control for six years.

Areas of interest

* Accounting Attributes: Conservatism, Fair value, etc.
* Earnings management and accounting discretion
* Corporate Governance
* Corporate Disclosure
* International accounting (IFRS and US GAAP)