Professor of Strategic Management

• Ph.D. in Management, INSEAD
• MA/MBA, Boston University
• Financial Controller, Free University, Amsterdam

Govert Vroom is a Professor in the Strategic Management Department of IESE. Govert received his Ph.D. from INSEAD in 2005. In 2004, his doctoral proposal was awarded second place in the Organization Science dissertation proposal competition. His doctoral dissertation received the Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award for the best doctoral dissertation in the Business Policy and Strategy division of the Academy of Management in 2006.

Govert’s research interests include competitive strategy, corporate diversification, strategy in the networked economy, and entrepreneurship. In his research, he explores how firm characteristics, such as organizational design, ownership structure, and firm objectives, affect managerial decision making and interfirm rivalry. He is also working on how strategies are influenced by competition in network environments where critical mass, standards, and externalities play an important role. His work has been published in leading scholarly journals such as Academy of Management Journal,Management Science, Strategic Management Journal and Organization Science. He has been elected Chair of the Competitive Strategy interest group of the Strategic Management Society, a role he fulfilled in 2012.

Prior to his academic career, Govert worked in the Netherlands at KPN Telecom as a financial controller and cost management consultant. He teaches strategic management, competitive strategy, corporate strategy, and strategy in the networked economy in a wide variety of programs including the MBA, Ph.D., and international executive education.

Areas of interest

* Competitive strategy
* Managerial incentives
* Organizational design
* Industrial organization


Journal Articles (refereed)

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Working Papers

VROOM, G., MCCANN, B. T. (2009). Ownership structure, profit maximization, and competitive behavior (DI-800-E).


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Articles in other publications

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Book Chapters

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