Former Collaborator of Entrepreneurship

• Master in Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra
• Mechanical Engineer (factory automation), Eindhoven’s Technical University, The Netherlands

Jan Oosterveld retired in March 2004 as a member of the Group Management Committee of Royal Philips Electronics, where he was responsible for corporate strategy, corporate alliances, corporate restructuring, corporate venturing and the two joint ventures with LGE. As part of the latter role, he served as chairman of the Board of Directors of the LCD JV LG.Philips between LGE and Philips in Seoul. He led the IPO of LG.Philips in April 2004, the largest IPO in Asia that year.

In addition, he was the head of the Regional and Country Organizations of the Company and the CEO of Philips Asia Pacific.

Jan Oosterveld graduated in mechanical engineering and factory automation from Eindhoven Technical University. After his military service and his studies at IESE he joined the Small Domestic Appliances Division of Philips in 1972 and held a variety of management positions in Barcelona, Groningen and Drachten, where he was plant manager.

After a short period in the video recorder factory in Vienna, Austria, part of the Consumer Electronics Division, Jan Oosterveld moved to Eindhoven, where he became in charge of the manufacturing operations and later also of the R&D activities of the Video Recorder Business Group in 1983. He led the change from V2000 to VHS.

In 1989, he founded the Philips Key Modules and under his leadership this Division grew in 7 years from a sales level of 100 Mio. to 1 B $, with rapidly growing profitable sales. This Division was the birthplace of world famous products like CD-ROM, CDE/R, DVD and Blue- ray, where the Company gained leading global market positions.
He joined Philips’ senior management team in 1997, where he reported directly to the CEO and was part of the very small team that lead the company’s transformation.

Jan Oosterveld obtained his Master’s degree in Business Administration at IESE in Barcelona in 1972. In 2002, he was appointed professor at IESE. He is a regular lecturer at various business schools around the world. He received an honorary PhD from the State University of Management of Moscow.

Jan Oosterveld is the Chancellor of the International Academy of Management. He co-authored articles on strategic management in Sloan Management Review and Long Range Planning.

Jan Oosterveld is a member of the Board of Directors of Barco in Belgium, Alent and Candover in the UK. and he is a senior advisor of Morgan Stanley. Jan has a management consultancy- and investment company in the Netherlands and Spain. He is involved in five high tech start-ups.

Areas of interest

* Management of transformation
* Entrepreneurship
* Strategic management