Lecturer of Entrepreneurship

• Executive MBA, IESE Business School
• PhD in Engineering, Tecnun, University of Navarra
• Ingeniero Electrónica y Automática Industrial, Tecnun, University of Navarra

Javier Hernández is a Lecturer in the Entrepreneurship Department. As business leader with over 25 years of experience, Javier is passionate about helping companies to handle all those challenges ahead towards a sustainable growth. From the early steps of a new start-up (being founder of several, with successful exits for some of them) up to big, listed companies, Javier has been always playing a role as strategic thinker for achieving the best high-performing results, leveraging as much as possible the resources in place and those to come, and managing cross-functional teams for common corporate goals.

Javier holds a PhD in Engineering from University of Navarra, an Executive MBA from IESE business School and recently completed an Executive Program on Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) from Harvard Business School.

Javier works as Director of Business development and M&A for Littelfuse Inc. (Nasdaq:LFUS), a company that indirectly acquired one of his startups, focused on semiconductors. Earlier, he managed/founded several tech-based initiatives, some of them running today as stand-alone companies.

Javier also gathers wide additional experience as independent Director in some Board of Directors (BOD), Advisory Boards and Consulting Committees, where helps the companies with a longer-term strategic vision on the business.

His areas of interest are tech Start-up, strategic scale-ups and acquisitions.

Areas of interest

* Tech Start-up
* Strategic scale-ups
* Mergers & Acquisitions