José Luis

Lecturer of Managing People in Organizations and Business Ethics

• Ph.D. in Business Administration and Economics, Universidad de Navarra
• MBA and IFP, IESE, Business School
• B.A. in Business Administration and Economics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

José Luis Illueca has worked for Philip Morris in Switzerland, with HR management responsibilities over fifteen European countries in the areas of change management, mergers and acquisitions. He has led, from an executive HR role, the integration of Nabisco in Kraft General Foods in South America (Andean countries), resulting in the IPO of the newly merged firm in the NYSE. Previously, he had worked for Crédit Commercial de France as M&A Director and for Hay Group, providing advice to more than fifty large companies. He currently heads a consulting firm.

His areas of interest include business and change management, decision-making skills, ethics and business, compensation and benefits.

Areas of interest

* Strategy implementation and change management
* Human issues of M&A processes
* Ethics and Business
* Decision-making skills