Emeritus Professor of Managing People in Organizations

CSBM - Center for Sport Business Management

• Ph.D. in Economics, Universidad de Navarra
• Ph.D. in Management, IESE, University of Navarra

Dr. Sandalio Gómez is professor emeritus of managing people in organizations. In addition, he is director of IESE’s Continuing Education program in Madrid, as well as director of the Alumni department in Madrid. He is honorary professor of the Universidad Austral in Argentina.

Prof. Gomez has published numerous articles, cases and technical notes, as well as the following books: Labor Relations in Europe, Toward a European Board of Directors, People and Work in Businesses of the 21st Century, Value creaction and sport management and La retribución y la carrera profesional: teoría y práctica.

Prof. Gomez has served as a consultant to the personnel and human resource departments of various national and international corporations.

Areas of interest

* Personnel management
* Human resources strategy
* Labor relations
* Compensation and career development
* Sport organizations management