Former Collaborator of Economics

• Doctor of Law, Universitat de Barcelona
• Master in Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra
• Post-Graduate Diploma on European Integration, Europa Instituut, Amsterdam University
• Bachelor´s degree in Economic Science, Universitat de Barcelona

Víctor Pou is Former Collaborator in the Department of Economics and founder of the IESE International Faculty Development Program (IFDP). He holds a Ph.D. in law, a B.A. in economics from the Universitat de Barcelona, an MBA from IESE and a post-graduate diploma on European integration from the University of Amsterdam.

Teaching is not the only professional activity on Prof. Pou’s agenda. He is currently director of European affairs and political consultancy at TAS Europrojects, an international consultancy company based in Brussels and Washington D.C., as well as director of European affairs at EFMD (the European Foundation for Management Development, Brussels).

Former head of the Enterprise and Industry Unit and Counselor for External Relations of the European Commission, in Brussels (1987-2005), Prof. Pou has an impressive list of institutions on his curriculum. Among other positions, he occupied those of: international manager at Torras Hostench SA, president of Torras Brazil SA and president of the Spanish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

He was the first director of economic planning, the first director of adaptation to the European Communities and first director of the Catalan Trust for Europe of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (1980-1987). During the same period he was also the director of courses on the European Communities at the Diplomacy School of Barcelona. He is the founder of the alumni association ADICEC. Prof. Pou is also a member of the Brussels-based European Institute for Asian Studies.

The extensive work he has carried out for the European Union is reflected in Prof. Pou’s numerous publications on European integration and international relations. His most recently published books are on the following subjects: the new agreements between Andorra and the EU (2006), the Andorran economy (2006) and the repercussions of EU enlargement for the Catalan economy (2005). He has penned articles for several prominent journals on – among other subjects – the EU, the fight against poverty and underdevelopment, the Andorran economy and the problems of MERCOSUR.

Areas of interest

* European political and economic integration
* European institutions
* International trade
* World economy
* International relations
* External relations of the European Union
* Spanish economy and European integration
* European micro-states and the EU
* Lobbying in the EU
* EU regional policy


Working Papers

POU, V. (1989). Notas sobre los servicios a las empresas y nuevos servicios en el marco de la CEE (DI-155).
POU, V. (1983). España-Comunidades Europeas, 1945-1970 (DI-82).

Articles in other publications

POU, V. (2014). Ucrania, pieza clave. Cataluña Económica.
POU, V. (2014). Rusia y la frontera este de la Unión Europea. Cataluña Económica (520), pp. 14 - 19.
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POU, V. (2007). Europa sale del bloqueo. Un análisis de la UE desde la atalaya de Bruselas. Revista de Antiguos Alumnos (107), pp. 20 - 26.
POU, V. (2007). Europe Starts Moving Again. An Analysis of the EU from Brussels. Alumni Magazine (107), pp. 14 - 19.


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POU, V. (2012). Andorra - Unió Europea. Tercera fase del procés d'acostament del Principat a la Unió Europea Cap a la integració en el mercat interior europeu. Andorra: Crèdit Andorrà.
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Book Chapters

POU, V. (1997). Procesos de integración: Europa hasta Maastricht. En V. Pou, J. Gual (Eds.), Unión Europea (pp. 11 - 62). Barcelona: Ediciones Folio.