IESE Insight

Making It Big as a Small Business

IESE Insight 25

April 1, 2015

This magazine is for all managers looking to give their enterprise a tune-up, so business engines can keep the global economy powering ahead. Albert Fernández Terricabras explores the main reasons behind the chronic shortage of resources faced by many SMEs and proposes strategies for dealing with them. Walter Kuemmerle identifies the dimensions of an entrepreneurial society that increase the likelihood that enterprises will prosper, despite the shortcomings in a country context. Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller draw on family business research to show that the 4C's of Continuity, Community, Connection and Command can help any enterprise thrive for generations. Gerald F. Davis and Christopher J. White apply lessons from big social movements to the corporate space; by empowering their internal activists, organizations can reap the benefits of socially responsible behavior. Tony Davila, Daniel Oyon, Pilar Parmigiani and Maël Schnegg commend the Landscape Monitor, a tool for outside-in innovation. Stanley Motta, head of one of Latin America's biggest family business groups, finds the Golden Rule will take you a long way. Executives debate how Swarovski ought to streamline its supply chain. And Guy Kawasaki, the former Chief Evangelist at Apple, tears up the business plan for effective communication.