Artificial intelligence

Real leadership


Artificial intelligence, real leadership

Will artificial intelligence force us to rethink the company or is it just another tool? This report examines the current situation and looks at where the debate is headed.

The key words

AI in recent years has found some of the practical business applications that had eluded it for decades.

How to separate hype from reality

Dario Gil, CEO of IMB Research, talks about the new challenges posed to leadership and management by the development of artificial intelligence, and gives his vision of quantum computing.

“People are more worried than they should be of being replaced by a machine”

Thomas W. Malone, Professor of Business Administration at the MIT Sloan Schol of Management, discusses collaboration between machines and humans.

How companies are adopting AI

Some data extracted from the discussion paper “Artificial Intelligence, the Next Digital Frontier?” from the McKinsey Global Institute allow us to observe the relationship between artificial intelligence and the companies that implement it.

Why management matters

Will the direction and management of companies continue to be relevant in the era of artificial intelligence? Jordi Canals, Professor of Strategic Management at IESE, believes that CEOs and senior managers will still be needed.



The Big Picture: Where do women lead?

Types of leadership, evolution and analysis by country and challenges that both society and companies must overcome to better integrate women into leadership roles.



Of course you want to innovate. But how?

Six principles for creating an optimal environment, both organizationally and individually, for business innovation to succeed.

Consulting crowds

Executives can improve the accuracy of their judgements by consulting groups of others.

Green lies

Claiming your company is green but acting otherwise is increasingly risky business. If you’re found out, the consequences to reputation and bottom-line can be severe.

Are you an effective executive?

This quiz will tell you what you do well and where you can improve.

6 strategies to get the most out of feedback

A checklist for your next evaluation



Generations at work

Companies may contain employees from up to four generations who may have very different visions of motivation, leadership or technology. To better understand this phenomenon, we talked to five IESE graduates of different ages.

Auditing the world bank

Yuko Keicho, director of strategy and operations at the Internal Audit Vice Presidency of the World Bank, talks about her work, as well as the challenges and rewards she faces.

When your VC is a helping hand

Julien Palier and Bruno Lea, CEOs of their own companies and EMBA and MBA graduates, respectively, share their experience with Finaves, IESE's venture capital fund.

Bankers in the fintech era

Five experts in the financial and economic sector explain what’s changing and what isn’t in the banking sector.

How to handle crises

“With epidemics, you write a response plan, even if you can’t predict what will happen.”



Voices that matter

Evgeny Káganer explains the ways in which he analyzes and reflects on technological and digital progress.



A road map for successful strategy execution
By Fabrizio Ferraro, José Miguel Argüelles and Massimo Maoret

Strategic leadership from the CEO is key to running a business. It’s not just about making sound economic decisions, or managing people. There are many other factors you have to take into consideration.

It’s time for ‘chief digital officers’
By Sanja Tumbas, Nicholas Berente and Jan vom Brocke

Leading digital transformation is an increasingly important role. Here is how digital strategy directors are taking on the challenges.

How design can boost social impact and business results
By Manuel E. Sosa

The key to creating a design culture is to combine understanding, imagination and interaction, three elements that can improve results and even solve social problems in surprising ways.

5 ways managers can enhance their mediating skills
By Kandarp Mehta and Ignacio Ripol

Every manager should be a master negotiator. Mediation is a useful resource for resolving disputes and getting a result that everyone can live with.



The art of work

The works of artists such as Hopper, Millet, Calder and Lowry allow us to reflect on the world of work and the people who inhabit it.


Artificial intelligence