€4 Mln in Investments for 31 Start-Ups Through Business Angel Network

Funding new companies in education, retail, health and technology

July 21, 2017

IESE ‘s Business Angels and Family Offices Network has produced investments of more than €4 million in 31 start-ups over the last year, bringing to 176 the number of companies funded since the forum’s creation in 2003.

The companies, nine of which were founded by IESE alumni, were recognized recently on the Madrid and Barcelona campuses. The companies include Biwel, Skitude, Dietox, 500 Markets, Global Alumni, Netun Solutions, Manzaning, Vudoir, Ontech and The Social Coin, and are from sectors ranging from education, to retail and distribution, to health and well-being, to technology and industry.

The network, which receives about 500 proposals annually, brings together entrepreneurs and investors through regular monthly forums in Barcelona and Madrid. Since its creation by Prof. Juan Roure as a link between investors and companies looking for funds, it has seen funding of more than €35 million for 176 companies, which have created more than 2,500 jobs.

The sectors most frequently received funds are distribution and retail, professional services, and industrial and leisure products, followed by education and health. B2C companies have received 56% of the investments, to 44% for B2B start-ups.