IESE’s MBA ranked no. 2 in Europe by Bloomberg Businessweek

Exceptional learning experience and networking opportunities set IESE apart

The Bloomberg Businessweek ranking assesses MBA programs across four areas: Compensation, Networking, Learning and Entrepreneurship.

September 15, 2021

Bloomberg Businessweek has ranked IESE’s full-time MBA as the second best program in Europe. The Bloomberg Businessweek Best European B-Schools 2021-22 MBA Ranking highlights the exceptional learning experience that IESE provides MBA students, as well as the rich networking opportunities that are available when studying the program.

The result caps off a record-breaking year for the IESE MBA, which has seen it place among the top positions in the most recognized international rankings in 2021, including ranking no. 1 in the world by The Economist, and no. 4 in the world by the Financial Times.

This year’s edition of the Bloomberg Businessweek ranking gathers the views of students, alumni, and recruiters on business schools throughout Europe. It then assesses them across four areas: Compensation, Networking, Learning and Entrepreneurship. (More on the Bloomberg BusinessWeek methodology.)

With IESE scoring high marks across the board, the results shed light on how current and former students continue to value their IESE MBA experience, as well as the high regard in which recruiters view IESE talent.

In particular, IESE ranked no. 1 for Learning, reflecting the quality, depth and range of instruction in IESE’s MBA, as well as its relevance to real-world business situations. IESE’s innovative approach to learning, which combines discussion-based methodologies with highly personalized follow-up and support, was also key to its high marks.

IESE also performed well for Networking, taking the no. 2 spot thanks to the breadth and depth of an active alumni community of more than 50,000 executives, a highly regarded careers service and excellent links with top recruiters, among others.

IESE´s focus on helping participants develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and support across all areas of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, also resulted in good scores for Entrepreneurship, where it also ranked second. Finally, IESE´s marks for Compensation (no.4), highlight how an IESE MBA continues to be a solid investment for participants.

Coming off the back of a string of strong ranking performances, this latest result by the weekly American business magazine once again consolidates IESE´s MBA as one of the best programs in the world.

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