Social Trends Institute donates $10 million to fund IESE research

To finance interdisciplinary, international research by IESE professors

Prof. Carlos Cavallé, founder of the Social Trends Institute and former dean of IESE, has made this donation possible.

July 6, 2020

The Social Trends Institute has agreed to put a $10-million fund at IESE’s disposal, the net yield from which will go toward interdisciplinary, international research, Dean Franz Heukamp has announced. The research will be carried out in large part by IESE professors.

The Institute is an independent research center founded in 2004 by Carlos Cavallé, a former dean of IESE and professor, and based in New York. The Institute offers institutional and financial support to academics of all fields who study and analyze emerging social trends and their effects on communities.

The Social Trends Institute will also offer its know-how and its network of more than 400 scholars from more than 100 universities and research centers around the world as it funds new and innovative projects in research areas including: family, the future of work, governance, culture and lifestyles.

Heukamp expressed his appreciation to the Institute for its support of high-impact research at IESE, and to Cavallé for his dedication and generosity. “Research that leads to better management, improved organizations, and a healthy society is a critical part of IESE’s mission,” Heukamp said. “That is why funding for research is essential for the school, and for its ability to be a thought leader in questions of management. We are very grateful to receive support for this.”