Five Skills a Digital Leader Must Have

Sandra Sieber and Evgeny Káganer describe the new mindset


Profs. Sieber and Káganer analyze how to lead in this digital, interconnected world of big data / Photo: IESE

Competing in today's digital world requires a radical paradigm shift throughout the organization. Companies need to pursue fresh business strategies, different value propositions and a major overhaul of their structure and operations.

Only digital-minded leaders can promote this renewal. IESE Profs. Sandra Sieber, Evgeny Káganer and Javier Zamora have identified five leadership skills that businesses need today. Although they may seem paradoxical, even contradictory, the professors say that "the success of your company's digital transformation will depend on how agile it is in using both sides of the brain."

These are the five musts for a digital leader:

1. Provide vision, but delegate

2. Allow some margin, but lead

3. Be prudent, but disruptive

4. Rely on data, but trust intuition

5. Be skeptical, but open-minded

In this video, Sieber and Káganer offer some tips for entrepreneurs and managers to develop these skills and be stronger leaders of this adaptation, which is so crucial for competing in an already digital market and society.

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