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23/06/2015 Sao Paulo Leave Your Country Habitable for Future Generations
02/06/2015 Madrid “You Have to Be Always Willing to Learn”
11/05/2015 Barcelona Keep Cultivating Your Curiosity

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Executive MBA: Transform Your Career

Transform Your Career, Boost Your Leadership

Do you want to transform your professional career? Interested in working full time and studying an MBA part time? The Executive MBA is your program: it's rigorous, demanding, practical and designed for professionals with more than five years of experience. A program for people interested in consolidating their professional and personal careers, acquiring knowledge and developing new management skills.

Transform Your Career

The Executive MBA is a unique experience that will transform your career by expanding your global vision of the business world and helping you gain greater knowledge. It represents a step forward professionally and personally to help you make better decisions, gain entrepreneurial and management skills, and expand your contact network.

Boost Your Leadership

The Executive MBA program will ensure your leadership is more inspiring and has a greater impact on others. You will gain more self-confidence to face new business challenges. This boost in motivation will lead to leadership.

The Executive MBA has been training leaders with a humanistic approach who have a positive impact on society for more than 30 years. This part-time program is taught in three cities:  Madrid, Barcelona and Sao Paulo.

The program faculty includes internationally renowned professors with extensive careers in the business world, academia and research. Students acquire knowledge in all business areas while they learn to reflect, make decisions and drive their own professional careers.

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