"I Want to Be an Entrepreneur": Celebrating FINAVES' 10th Anniversary

Awards Presented to Outstanding Business Ventures and Leaders


"I Want to Be an Entrepreneur": Celebrating FINAVES' 10th

Entrepreneurship is an attitude towards life. This was the overall message of four entrepreneurs who participated today in an event marking the 10th anniversary of FINAVES. IESE Business School welcomed entrepreneurs, investors and experts in entrepreneurship to commemorate the seed capital fund's 10 years in existence.

For a decade, the initiative has helped promote and support entrepreneurial initiatives led by IESE students. IESE's Dean Jordi Canals thanked all those who helped make FINAVES possible, noting that "despite the circumstances, it's possible to be an entrepreneur."

"You are agents of change, who can make a better society," he stressed.

For Didac Lee (PDG '08), the CEO of Inspirit, entrepreneurship is about taking on an attitude of nonconformity. "The market is full of imperfections and you have to try to solve them."

"In my case," said Maria del Pino Velazquez (MBA '91), founder and CEO of Unison, "I was restless and found the opportunity. "

"This restlessness not only led me to launch a new company, but also a new project within the company itself," added Pere Bonet (PADE 94), Caprabo board member and founder of Inderhabs Investments.

"Forget about the crisis," said Prof. Pedro Nueno. "We all know there are many projects out there. There are many more things to do."


An idea, project or initiative is not what has the most value when a new company takes off.

"An idea without execution is not good innovation, it's a hallucination," said Lee.

That's why it's vital for an entrepreneur to surround him or herself with a good team and good managers, according to Gonzalo Rodriguez-Fraile, founder and president of Investment Advisory PRS.

Entrepreneurs should dedicate a lot of time to building strong teams, the participants concurred. Pere Bonet, a FINAVES investor, said new entrepreneurs should not attempt to go it alone.

"It is important to have different partners that complement each other," he said.

"If you can make a good team, you can go far," emphasized Nueno.


During the session, the FINAVES of Entrepreneurship Awards were presented to three companies that have stood out for their ability to generate employment, growth and innovation. The first award was presented to Advance Medical, founded by Marc Subirats (MBA '99) and Carlos Nueno (MBA '99). The second prize was awarded to the company Nexenta System, created by Evan Powell (G-EMBA '08), and the third award went to Aïta, founded by Javier Relats (MBA '97). In addition, the "1,000th Employee Award" was given to Carolina Costa of Advance Medical in Brazil, Lidia Caba of KubiWireless and Elena Lopez of Impact Media.

The FINAVES team, headed by Professor Alberto Fernández Terricabras, presented Prof. Pedro Nueno an appreciation award for the FINAVES Foundation and for his constant support during all these years.

IESE and Entrepreneurship

In addition to FINAVES, IESE carries out diverse activities in the area of entrepreneurship through the Center for Family Business and Entrepreneurship (CEFIE), which promotes activities that foster the creation and development of new enterprises. Moreover, all degree and executive education programs offered by IESE include courses focusing on entrepreneurship. The school also leads specific educational seminars, programs and meetings designed for entrepreneurs, investors and intrapreneurs.

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