IESE to Train Politicians on Successful Campaign Management

IESE launches Campaign Management Program, Europe's first executive course for political campaign managers and candidates


¿Cómo ganar las próximas elecciones?

Taking another step forward in the area of public management education, IESE Business School launches its second program targeted to politicians and policy makers: Campaign Management Program. Led by world renowned politics expert Steven Jarding, Lecturer of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, the program will be the first of its kind in Europe. This executive course aims to provide participants with the opportunity to study key elements of electoral campaign management. Designed for campaign managers and political candidates and election officials, the course will help hone management skills necessary for responding to the growing complexity of running political campaigns. IESE's Program for Campaign Management is set to take place January 17 - 20, 2011 at the school's campus in Madrid.

The program's top level faculty is one of its most important assets: Among others, the program is taught by Prof. Steven Jarding, who has served in senior roles for at least six US senators, and Dr. Klaus Schüler, former Vice Minister for Federal and European Affairs and media spokesperson in the Berlin senate.

Participants in IESE's Program for Campaign Management will gain new insights from discussion topics such as strategy campaign planning and execution; research, polling, targeting and segmentation; and fund raising and budget control. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to network with their international counterparts.

"The program's content and approach is absolutely new in Europe because it analyzes campaign management from a strategic point of view. We are especially excited about professor Jarding's collaboration, which strengthens our ties with Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.", says Antonio Nuñez, Director of the Program. A few years ago, IESE and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government established the joint Advisory Board for Public Management. The board meets regularly in order to discuss academic aspects of programs for leaders in public policy.

About the Faculty

Steve Jarding is Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has managed campaigns or served in senior roles for six US Senators and has run National Leadership Committees for senators Kerrey and Edwards. Jarding has also served as senior advisor to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. In 1996 Roll Call magazine named Jarding one of the "50 most influential" political people in Washington" and in 2002, The New York Times Magazine profiled Jarding as someone who wins races in places he is not supposed to win. His management of Warner's 2001 gubernatorial race was hailed the best run campaign in America and his work in Webb's 2006 win over Senator George Allen was called the biggest upset victory in America. He holds a BA degree from the University of South Dakota and is coauthor of the political book, Foxes in the Henhouse.

Dr. Klaus Schüler has served as campaign manager for Angela Merkel, the current chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 2007, Dr. Schüler is the general manager of the German CDU party, a member of the executive campaign committee of the European People's Party, and president of the executive campaign committee of the International Democrat Union (IDU). He is former Vice Minister for Federal and European Affairs and has served in the Berlin senate as media spokesperson for internal affairs as well as principle matters for the mayor's office, the chancellery, and the senate.

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