How to Run an Effective Political Campaign

IESE Offers Program with Kennedy School's Prof. Steve Jarding

06/01/2011 Madrid

IESE Business School will launch a special week-long program for politicians at its Madrid campus starting on Jan. 17. The Campaign Management Program is aimed at managers, political candidates and elected officials in Europe, and includes the participation of Steve Jarding, lecturer of public policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

Jarding is an expert on campaign management and has served as an advisor to various U.S. senators. In addition, Klaus Schüler, campaign manager of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and IESE professor José Ramón Pin, will also lead sessions during the program. Diverse topics will be covered such as campaign management and budgeting, creating a campaign team and dealing effectively with the media.

"The program's content and approach is absolutely new in Europe because it analyzes campaign management from a strategic point of view," Program Director Antonio Núnez said.

IESE hosts a variety of programs aimed at leaders in public administration, including Driving Government Performance, held in collaboration with the Kennedy School. It also offers the Public Management Leadership Program, custom programs for diverse public agencies and is home to the Public-Private Sector Research Center.