Young Talent Takes Next Step

11/07/2011 Barcelona

Young Talent Takes Next Step

In July, 26 young graduates who have joined the Young Talent Program were in Barcelona to take part in the Next Step Seminar, which gives them a taste of what the MBA is like.

The YTP, now in its third year, offers graduates the opportunity to gain work experience at top companies and, after two years on the job, pre-admission to the IESE MBA course. The 26 participants hailed from 11 countries. Three quarters of them had studied either engineering or business administration.

Among them was Stefan Ulrich, from Austria, who studied business administration in Vienna. "In the Next Step Seminar I've met many different professors with many different approaches," he says. "What I like about the case study method is you are put into a certain framework and you have to make something out of it. There's no right or wrong solution, but there is a better or worse way to approach the problem."

Paulina López, who is from Guatemala and studied marketing and psychology at Notre Dame University in Indiana, agrees. "I did some case studies in college but here people come from so many different backgrounds that you get different ideas that you hadn't thought of before," she says. "The other night we were having dinner and there were 10 of us from eight different countries. It really gives you a chance to expand your mind."

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