How to Improve Public Policy in an Economic Crisis

12/05/2011 Madrid

How to Improve Public Policy in an Economic Crisis

Amid the current crisis, the public's awareness of the need for a more effective and efficient public administration is intensifying. Increasingly, public administrators require high-level professional skills to manage public resources. IESE, in collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School - the world's foremost government school - offers a program for senior executives in public institutions aimed at helping them reach their leadership and management goals: Driving Government Performance.

The program seeks to provide concepts and tools on political leadership and public management necessary for boosting efficiency in the development and implementation of public programs and institutions. It is the only intensive program led by the Kennedy School in Europe.

Antonio Núñez, director of Public Administration Programs at IESE, stresses that the program is an opportunity "to examine the goals of political leadership, mainly how public executives can establish goals, revitalize administrations, motivate employees, communicate ideas, measure results and demonstrate that their objectives have been attained."

Lasting four days, the program takes place on IESE's Madrid campus June 27-30. It employs the case study method and content centers on four main areas: leadership, strategy, motivation and results.

"Driving Government Performance" will be led by Robert Behn, professor at the Harvard Kennedy School who also leads the program at Harvard. Prof. Behn has taught numerous programs for public executives in diverse countries. Offered in English, the program seeks to include a wide range of public executives from Europe, from municipal leaders to heads of unions and anti-trust entities.

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