IESE Offers the 2nd Annual Campaign Management Program


IESE Offers the 2nd Annual Campaign Management Program

IESE will offer the 2nd annual Campaign Management Program, aimed at political candidates and campaign directors working on national and international levels. The program will take place Dec. 13-15 on the Madrid campus and will be led by Steve Jarding, a prominent U.S. campaign director and professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Jarding, who has helped lead political campaigns for 30 years, said that in order for government to work for the people, "people have to work for the government. It is a synergistic relationship." For government to function effectively in a representative system, people have to believe that government "matters in their lives."

While, true leaders look out for the next generation, politicians look out for their next election, says Jarding. "Leaders say, I don’t care if I get elected or not. I’ve got a job to do. I’m going to try to leave a better society than when I found it. It’s a fundamental difference and it’s why we tend to have very few leaders in the world and a lot of politicians," he said.

The growing complexity of electoral campaigns requires greater degree of professional management than in the past. Today, an in-depth analysis of the environment and strategy design are decisive in the outcome and success of elections. For this reason, IESE's Campaign Management Program focuses on key elements of a successful campaign such as strategy design, programming, effective time management of the candidate, media channels, fundraising, budgeting and the use of new technologies and social networks.

Antonio Núñez, director of IESE's Center for Public Leadership and Government, the program is based on the premise that "knowledge of good management practices in government and public administration" are fundamental for institutional development.