Make a Difference: Be an Entrepreneur

16/11/2011 Barcelona

Francisco Giménez (PDD '99) had a dream: to create a business that would make a social impact. With an eye on this goal, in 2001 he founded Augere, a consultancy specialized in leadership and coaching programs, as well as other services, for companies.

Giménez was among several founders of ventures who shared their experiences with students at IESE Business School this week as part of the worldwide initiative, Global Entrepreneurship Week.

"Why be an entrepreneur? Because you want to transform something, do things in a different way, lead your life, make the difference," said Giménez. Even though it’s often overlooked, entrepreneurial activity inside companies should also be promoted, he said.

A key requirement for creating a successful business is to build great teams and be capable of maintaining them, said Giménez. Determination, creativity, flexibility, ambition and focus are also indispensable ingredients for business success, he said. Finally, the ability to take risks is essential for advancement, he said. Every experience – whether it is good or bad – should be viewed as a learning experience.

René Lönngren and Jordi Vallverdú also provided insights during GEW. In his presentation, Lönngren told students: "Passion is what makes you get up every morning." Founder of the weekly online bulletin Le Cool, Lönngren has launched 10 business ventures, and discussed his latest project, Speeb – an innovative online content network.

Jordi Vallverdú explained how he launched Tailor & Co. - a clothing alteration franchise - at the suggestion of his wife, who wanted to give her mother something to do to occupy her time. What started out as one small store is now operating successfully in four countries.

"Commitment, seriousness and hard work are often worth more than technical abilities," he said.