New Center for Public Leadership and Government Unveiled

Spanish political parties agree on reforms at center's presentation


IESE unveiled its newly-created Center for Public Leadership and Government at a special presentation on the school's Madrid campus Thursday. The new center's mission will be "to promote the training of senior members of public institutions from across the globe in order to achieve a lasting impact on people and society," said its executive director, Antonio Núñez.

During the event, representatives from two of Spain's main political parties - the PP and the PSOE - agreed to push forward with reforms to make government more balanced and efficient. During his remarks, the center's academic director, IESE Prof. José Ramón Pin, outlined 10 "essential" points for public sector reform.

The closing presentation, "Making It Happen: A Delivery Unit Method for Implementing Complex Programs in the Public Sector," was led by Alastair Levy, member of the London office of McKinsey. Levy explained that the current economic crisis provides an opportunity to improve fundamental government activities, a challenge that is both urgent and large-scale.

Making such reforms depends on government leaders' ability to prioritize activities and resources, and reorganize to achieve greater efficiency and savings. The way to do this is to create appropriate pressures that will optimize management, give government the capacity to lead reforms, create a program with clear and immediate goals and, finally, carry out visible and sustained leadership.

He pointed to Sweden, which was able to reduce its operating budget by 11 percent in the mid-90s, without a negative impact on activities and while achieving lasting cost-control measures. He also cited reforms put in place in France and the United Kingdom, by Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron, respectively, after these leaders won elections.

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