Sony Pursues Global Synergies

CEO of Sony Speaks at WSJ Executive Series


Sony is focusing on developing strong synergies between all of the company's products, which include content - such as movies and video games - as well as electronics, said Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony. Sir Howard was the special invited speaker at WSJ Viewpoints Executive Series, co-sponsored by IESE Business School and BCG, this week.

In an interview held in New York with WSJ's Alan Murray, he discussed how Sony plans to reach more consumers around the globe by ramping up device connection and digital content.

"The theory of having content is that I don't have to negotiate with anybody," he said, noting that Sony will have 350 million connected devices by the end of next year.

"What the public around the world really wants is movies, television, video games and music - and we have all four of those lined up. Once all those devices are connected and seamlessly, as good as iTunes is, the Sony Entertainment Network will deliver content globally in a way that no other company can," he said.

Because Sony's activities are so diverse, the company is currently perceived differently around the globe, he said. "In India, we're a content company. In Russia, they think we're an electronics company."

He also discussed the fundamental changes ahead for television, in area where many companies are investing significant amounts of R&D. As a result of the push to innovate, a new type of television set will emerge, but it will take time for the general population to make a widespread transition to the new format, he said.

He also affirmed that he is not planning to step down from his post at Sony any time soon: "I'm up for this fight," he said.