African Executives Converge at IESE

20/09/2011 Africa, Barcelona

African Executives Converge at IESE

The Pan African EMBA Module, "Doing Business in a Globalized World," started yesterday with a special event bringing together executives from Kenya and Nigeria and IESE alumni. The aim was to create strategic business ties between Europe and the African business community.

Throughout the week, participants will share experiences and reflect on globalization and its effects in sessions covering diverse themes. Among these will be a session in which executives from Spain and Africa will discuss potential joint ventures.

In yesterday's opening session, IESE Prof. Lluís Renart said that, in order for African countries to develop economically and socially, "there has to be - among other factors - good health services, education, political stability, adequate infrastructure and a market economy. Also there needs to be well-managed companies and good business leaders, who are prepared to guide them."

The IESE program seeks to provide African executives with general management fundamentals and networking opportunities. IESE is committed to advancing management education in Africa, directly and indirectly, in collaboration with its associated schools such as Strathmore Business School in Kenya, Lagos Business School in Nigeria, Nile University in Egypt, the Angola School of Management and Institut des Hautes Etudes in Ivory Coast.

Carlos P. Hornstein, director of the Pan African EMBA module, stressed that IESE maintains ongoing dialogue with its associated schools in Africa.

"As a result of these close relationships, we decided to unite the two EMBA Kenya and Nigeria groups. Networking with executives from different countries is an invaluable experience for the participants and reflects the global nature of the program. The academic content has always been focused on globalization, but from a general management perspective, covering topics such as innovation and intercultural challenges from the point of view of leadership."