Game Up for TV

26/04/2012 Worldwide

Game is Over for TV

Times are changing for TV channels, which have existed until now because they owned exclusive rights to broadcast content. Now anyone can broadcast content through the internet, which will make TV channels irrelevant and prompt new ways for content to be monetized and and "hits" to be discovered.

Historically, TV channels have existed because they owned valuable rights to broadcast content, which was then packaged and monetized, explains IESE Prof. Josep Valor. The internet has undermined this model by allowing anyone to broadcast high quality content and reach viewers directly.
In the coming years, individuals and companies who own the rights to large sporting events or hit entertainment series will seek to monetize content directly, using IP addresses, the same way that Google and Facebook do. This will allow advertisers to target viewers more accurately, but it will also drive the cost of advertising up.

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