New Books by IESE Professors

Sports, leadership and human development among topics

19/12/2012 Barcelona


IESE's faculty members are rigorous researchers who seek to make an impact on the management field. Over the last few months, faculty members have published the following books that delve into topics such as leadership, performance measurement, sports management and human development in business. The following is a selection of these.

Human Development in Business
Edited by Domènec Melé and Claus Dierksmeier
Palgrave Macmillan, May 2012

This book responds to the recent Encyclical Letter by Benedict XVI, in which he proposed aligning economic practices with social goals and affirms that a more humanistic approach to business management could provide a solution to recent problems experienced in the economic system. The book includes the ideas of various economists, business management theorists and business ethics experts on goals for the future. The book is largely based on papers presented at the VXII International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society, held at IESE Business School.

Understanding Organizations in Complex, Emergent, and Uncertain Environments
Marta Elvira and Anabella Dávila (editors)
Palgrave Macmillan, June 2012

All over the world, companies are facing situations that are increasingly complex and uncertain, particularly in emerging markets. How can firms face these difficult circumstances? First, they must understand what is behind this complexity and later develop organizational strategies for leadership. The authors, who come from all over the world, suggest various practices for talent management, innovation and entrepreneurial initiative that can help companies adapt and grow in difficult conditions.

Performance Measurement and Management Control: Global Issues
Antonio Davila, Marc J. Epstein, Jean-Francois Manzoni (editors)
Emerald Group Publishing Limited, June 2012

This book features contributions from the 6th edition of the conference, "Performance Measurement and Management Control," held in 2011 in Nice, France. The conference brought together high-level academics in the field of performance evaluation and business management control. Specific topics include creative approaches to solving management challenges of performance and management control, improving organizational performance, the innovative use of empirical, analytical, experimental, and case-based research.

Towards a New Theory of the Firm: Humanizing the Firm and the Management Profession
Joan Enric Ricart,Josep Maria Rosanas
October 2012

Companies have demonstrated that they are a form of organization that is capable of transforming society, giving that they create social value and introduce change. Specifically, business leaders have a large impact on the well-being of many people. But could current theories on business management be erroneous? Could these have caused the financial crisis? The international conference, "Humanizing the Firm and the Management Profession," organized by IESE in 2011, seeks to redirect current trends with new theories on business management.

The Little Book of Rhetoric: Soft Power
Brian O´C Leggett
Eunsa, November 2012

In spite of advances in communication and technology, speaking in public remains a needed skill in many professions and social contexts. This book is an ideal guide for learning rhetorical techniques and introduces three types of speeches: professional presentations, social ceremonies and public speeches. The book also discusses various principles of persuasion that will enable readers to develop their "soft power."

Value Creation and Sport Management
Sandalio Gómez, Kimio Kase, Ignacio Urrutia
Cambridge University Press, March 2012 (2nd edition)

The sports sector is among those that have grown the most in recent years. Sports organizations currently enjoy sufficient potential to generate massive profits through different channels, including broadcast rights, publicity and brand creation. This book presents a conceptual frame for understanding and explaining the success and failure of some of these companies. Cases such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and the Copa America are highlighted.