IESE Publishing in a Single Click


At the new website users can quickly and safely choose from among 26,000 titles. IESE Publishing is the world's largest distributor of business cases in Spanish. A large number of titles are also available in English, and some in Portuguese.

The principal clients are business schools and consultancies, "but individuals also use them to contemplate different business scenarios", says Christine Ecker, executive head of research at IESE.

It is a more functional site, with three home pages in Spanish, English and, specifically for Latin America, the page IESEP LATAM, which has local case studies and material produced by schools in the region. There is also a function that allows the user to identify content that derives from Latin America by searching for the label LATAM.

Easier to use

The new design has shortened the process so that it is easier to access or buy documents. The user can make the most of these improvements in the space "my account" and can consult their favorite documents without having to search for them each time and can share their list with all their contacts.

Furthermore, the user can use "My account" to manage regular payments, to receive newsletters and also to receive newsletters according to their particular areas of interest.

Using the search facility, the user can quickly find the material they're looking for, whether case studies, book chapters, technical notes, instructor's notes, books, articles, dossiers, exercises or Short Focus Cases in a variety of areas.

The new website has three search levels: general, for the entire website; specific, (using the left-hand column) to make broad searches filtered according to areas of interest, language or specific documents; and a much more detailed one, with more search fields and lists of results.

We have also enhanced the portal by offering you detailed product information about the cases. Not only have we improved the quality of information that we provide - which makes it easier to search - but we now provide the user with a wide range of complementary information, including: cases that have featured in IESE Insight Review, news pieces related to cases that have been published on the portal and videos relating to cases.

More participative

Social media has an important function in the new portal. The Twitter account, @iesep keeps you up to date with any developments, and also keeps you abreast of what case method professors are up to (on Twitter). Facebook provides up-to-date information and at LinkedIn the user will find a community in which they can discuss learning experiences and business in general.

Case Method Experts

IESE has used the case method almost since the school's beginning and has developed high standards in this form of study. It also helps to spread quality teaching through the International Faculty Program which seeks to disseminate this method and improve its use on a global scale.

IESE Publishing is the distribution point for business administration and management teaching materials. Its extensive collection includes titles from Darden Business Publishing (U.S.), ESE Escuela de Negocios (Chile), Harvard Business Publishing (U.S.), IAE Universidad Austral (Argentina), IPADE (Mexico), Ivey (Canada) and Stanford (U.S.).