Ivory Coast AMP and PMD in Full Swing


This week, MDE Business School - one of IESE's Associated Business schools - successfully kicked off its two core programs, the AMP and PMD in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Eighty high-level participants (40 in each program) holding senior positions, as required by program standards, are taking part, signifying a major advance for the newly-established business school.

In July, participants in the programs will fly to IESE's Barcelona campus for a week of academic sessions. They will also meet informally with European business leaders with activities or interest on the African continent.

At the same time, future professors at MDE Business School are expanding their knowledge and teaching skills at IESE, with the objective of returning tand helping the new business school become fully autonomous.

MDE was formerly IHE-Afrique, and receives institutional support from IESE. In 2011, MDE offered its first long open program, led in French. MDE seeks to provide management education in French-speaking countries within Africa, and has already attracted students from various countries. The initials MDE stand for Management Développement d'Entreprise.