"Inspiration and Energy": IESE's PLD Fast-Tracks Careers

15/06/2012 Barcelona

“Inspiration and energy.” These are two outstanding benefits that Michael Juhl-Sorensen, Vice President, Danish State Railways, said he gained from IESE’s Program for Leadership Development , which held its final module on the Barcelona campus this week.

The PLD is especially designed for functional managers who want to take a major step forward in their careers. Participants in this year’s edition represented companies such as Ericsson, Chalhoub, Microsoft, Airbus and Kuwait Petroleum International.

"I’m amazed at the quality of IESE teaching,” said PLD participant Véronique Méry, Premier Field Engineering Manager of Microsoft France. “The teachers are very knowledgeable, very focused."

Because participants are all specialists in their respective fields, the specific angles they take when discussing a business case is usually obvious, she said. But this merging of different perspectives is exactly what gives executives a broader lens for viewing business problems.

“This is a very complete program for executive leaders,” she said. “We are looking at all the key components of a business – strategic decisions, marketing, finance, IT.”

Centered on three residential modules, the PLD also offers the chance to participate in a Short Focused Program at IESE’s campuses in either Europe or the United States.

The widely-recognized IESE credential made the program attractive for Mahmut Tuzun, Regional Partnering Manager, Ericsson, he said. Through the case-based teaching approach, he was able to glean insights from other experienced colleagues who shared their experiences and opinions.

In this way, you benefit “without losing your time,” he said.

The PLD is offered in two editions: fall and spring. The next edition of IESE’s PLD is set to start in October 2012, with the spring edition starting in 2013. The program is a general management program, with a highly global focus and an emphasis on strengthening leadership capabilities. The academic director of the program is Prof. Ahmad Rahnema, and the program director is Berit Dencker.