IESE Insight Gazes Into the Future

Issue 12, out now, anticipates 12 global trends coming our way

16/03/2012 Worldwide

With their minds on the crisis and other day-to-day concerns, most executives aren’t thinking about the big issues their companies are likely to face over the next few decades.

However, there is a series of global trends -- from systemic risks, to disruptive new technologies, to aging populations -- that will certainly affect them.

Although anticipating the future is not easy, the executive dossier in the recently published issue of IESE Insight review will help.

IESE Prof. Adrian Done reviews 12 global trends that will affect the business agenda, and he provides some tools for assessing threats and opportunities.

The economist Ian Goldin, former vice president of the World Bank, analyzes the global financial crisis to highlight the systemic risks of the 21st century.

Work is changing. Two experts from the Institute for the Future, Devin Fidler and Marina Gorbis, recommend 10 new skills that every worker needs.

The dossier also looks at scenario planning. IESE Prof. Mike Rosenberg discusses the advantages of this methodology, based on the experience of Shell, a pioneer in the field.

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