IESE MBA Goes to Africa

Students will take part in the Nairobi Module

15/01/2013 Nairobi


This week, IESE Business School begins a new international MBA module in Africa, held at Strathmore Business School in Nairobi (Kenya). A total of 29 students have signed up for the first course. The group has an international profile, with students from Spain, Japan, Germany, Portugal, France, Ivory Coast and the United States.

During the first week the module focuses on courses on Doing Business in Africa and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Africa. The second week is dedicated to the course New Realities Immersion, in which students get the opportunity to work on projects with local businesses alongside executives from each company with the aim of solving real and current problems. At the end of the project, each team will make a presentation to the companies.

Doing Business in Africa

The principal aim of this course, which is taught by Prof. Alejandro Lago, is to help students to experience directly and in situ Africa's true business potential. It explores the opportunities and challenges that Africa presents to business leaders and also sets out the current context and discusses key aspects of the region's development.

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Africa

In this module Prof. Antonino Vaccaro discusses the problems commonly associated with innovation and social entrepreneurship in Africa, raising questions such as: What are the key factors governing the success of entrepreneurs and social innovation? What makes a successful social business? How can social and economic value be combined? The course is based on case studies and management articles as well as conferences with social entrepreneurs, managers and politicians who specialise in Africa.

New Realities Immersion

The third module includes practical projects in which students have the opportunity to work in teams alongside local executives, helping them to solve real and current problems. This gives students a chance to apply what they have learnt in class to real business situations and presents them with a new experience filled with contradictory data, uncertainty, complexity, variable scenarios and problems.