IESE Presents the Eurest/Compass Group Chair

Talent and efficiency in services

23/01/2013 Madrid


IESE presented the new Eurest/Compass Group Chair of research into innovation and the development of new models of excellence in services. Prof. Philip Moscoso has been appointed to the chair which has been created as part of a long-term project. “The aim of the chair is to raise the talent and efficiency in services,” Dean Jordi Canals said. “It’s a huge challenge because services will be of increasing importance in modern and advanced societies.”

The aim is to advance the development and knowledge about how organizations can achieve excellence in the services they offer, what they should aim for and how they can be more innovative in this respect. Canals said the new chair reaffirms IESE’s aim of “encouraging innovation and research in important areas for companies, society and the school itself.” 

Services and GDP

Philip Moscoso pointed out that, given the extent to which services have grown as a percentage of GDP in most countries, “excellence and innovation” are key both in terms of companies’ competitiveness and the individual countries’ economic models. He underlined some of the Eurest/Compass Group’s areas of interest: co-creation and business-client cooperation; the development of concepts and tools for new service models; taking advantage of the human and organizational input from employees and exploiting new technologies.
During the session “Passion for Service: the Business Reality and Keys for Success,” which was included within the Continuous Education program, Moscoso highlighted how societies are “developing towards an economy and science of services.” He believes that service excellence needs to look at both “what we are offering to whom” and “our way of working.”

In order to be successful four questions need to be resolved: define the market (who are you selling to?); what is the value proposition (what are we selling?); what is the operational strategy (how will we make money?) and finally, draw up a system of operations (where and when will be sell?).

The presentation of the Eurest/Compass Group Chair was attended by Andrew Martin, COO of Compass Group PLC, and Alfredo Ruiz-Plaza, director-general of Compass Group Iberia. Martin described the different activities that the multinational Compass Group is involved in. It is a world leader in catering and support services and has operations in 50 countries, including Spain, and has 500,000 employees around the world. In 2012 it had a turnover of £17 billion ($26 billion). 

Ruiz-Plaza thanked IESE for the opportunity of creating the chair. “It makes us proud and we are delighted to commit the best of ourselves to it,” he said.