Managing the Human Cloud

Prof. Evgeny Káganer meets with alumni in Moscow

30/01/2013 Moscow


In a special session with IESE alumni in Moscow this week, Prof. Evgeny Káganer discussed key drivers and risks of online human cloud platforms, based on his forthcoming MIT Sloan Management Review article. During the session, Prof. Káganer, discussed this emerging trend, identifying main human cloud models and exploring main aspects of establishing and managing human cloud engagement.

Prof. Kagáner argues that the human cloud is evolving steadily and will soon have a major impact on global labor sourcing. This development trails other important trends, such as outsourcing and offshore outsourcing. Platforms such as Elance, oDesk, and CrowdFlower are growing at a double-digit rate and starting to attract attention of large companies.

Companies can now hire virtual assistants, contract creative design work and even have complex IT solutions provided by an online community through the cloud. Just as cloud computing offers unconstrained access to processing capacity and storage, the human cloud promises to give businesses access to millions of workers on demand, ready to perform tasks and solve problems.