Quality of Life: Everyone Wants It, But What Is It?

How can businesses help to improve it?

31/05/2013 Barcelona

Quality of Life

"Quality of life" was once a term largely used by health-care professionals; now everyone from economists and advertising executives care about it.

For companies hoping to attract highly educated workers, being able to offer potential employees good "quality of life" is becoming increasingly important.

But what does it mean, and how can businesses, as well as physicians, help to improve it, if nobody can clearly define what it is?

An article by IESE Prof. Marta Elvira, written with Barbara Barcaccia, Giuseppe Esposito, Maria Matarese, Marta Bertolaso and Maria Grazia De Marinis for Europe's Journal of Psychology, tries to pin down this elusive concept.

The authors analyze how "quality of life" has been interpreted and defined for research purposes over the past two decades, and they consider the difficulties involved in measuring it.

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