20th Healthcare Industry Meeting

Bringing the future of healthcare into focus

21/10/2013 Barcelona


Health: It's Our Future. IESE Healthcare Industry Meeting

For more information about the meeting: http://www.iese.edu/healthcare2013 The IESE Healthcare Meeting offers a first-class platform for top executives, academics and healthcare professionals to share their experiences and seek innovative ways to respond to the incredible changes affecting the industry. It will include keynote speakers who will discuss their insight on the current state and future of the industry, as well as several panels whose members will share experiences and impressions about the key topics in today?s healthcare industry.

IESE will host the 20th Healthcare Industry Meeting on its Barcelona campus on Wednesday, October 23, with the theme, "Making Patient-Centric Care Happen." With Pedro Nueno, professor of entrepreneurship and Núria Mas, associate professor of Economics. as academic directors, and KPMG as co-organizer, the meeting will bring together industry experts, public leaders and academics to discuss the most pressing trends in the healthcare industry.

Among the topics on the agenda is "Global Perspectives", a session that will focus on understanding what works in different markets and health systems around the world. With Professor Pedro Nueno as moderator, Fernando de Górgolas, Group Marketing and Business Director of Unilabs, Paul Kosters, Senior Vice President EMEA, Nuvasive, and Michael J. Taylor, Senior Vice President Aon Hewitt, will share their perspectives based on their experience in the industry.

Promoting healthy behavior throughout the population will be the focus of the session "From Sick Care to Health Care" moderated by professor Núria Mas. Dr. Antoni Esteve, president of the Esteve Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group, Dr. Sonia Gaztambide, president of the Spanish Diabetes Society, and Peter Ohnemus, president and CEO of dacadoo AG will discuss issues concerning prevention.

In addition, the day will include discussions about health policy initiatives; proactive patients: the perspectives of managers and healthcare professionals, and the industry in Spain. The Honorable Boi Ruiz, Minister of Health, Government of Catalonia, and Daniel Carreño, president of Fenin and CEO Spain & Portugal for General Electric will join Núria Mas, Pedro Nueno and co-organizer Borja Guinea, head of pharmaceutical industry KPMG, in the closing session.

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