New MBA Blog

Students, professors and staff share their experiences

19/12/2014 Barcelona

MBA Blog
Follow the day-to-day experience of taking an MBA at IESE / Photo: Archives

IESE's MBA now has its own blog. It's about getting up close and personal to chronicle the daily life of the school's full-time MBA program, both for those who have already taken part, and those looking to doing so.

The new blog features a variety of content, such as students sharing about their experiences (The Students' Corner), a look into the participation and vision of the various IESE team members involved in the program's development (The MBA Team). And, of course, there are also tips on how to achieve what every student dreams of — a successful professional career (Your Career) — and how to enjoy the two years spent in the city (Living in Barcelona).

“We wanted to reflect the real experience of being in the program," says Itziar de Ros, Admissions Director. “A lot of things happen and many people will discover them through this blog. The IESE MBA is a top-tier program with a wealth of stories and activities that we believe should be shared.”

The blog will give readers a look at this living, breathing program from different points of view. “We want to show different perspectives, whether it's a first-year student heading into their first exams, or a second-year scholar facing the challenge of finding a good job with the help of Career Services," says Itziar de Ros. With this goal in mind, the blog will offer its readers a variety of resources: from career advice for MBA students, through to where to go to work out or play sports in Barcelona, or discover the city's most emblematic spots.

The launch of this new blog coincides with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the MBA program. And the blog will enjoy the active participation of students, teachers, organization and alumni: an entire community that now has an outlet to share their experiences.