The Agile CEO: Strategies for Success

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18/12/2014 Barcelona

IESE Insight

Running a business can be tough, but the best CEOs find ways to transform their challenges into new sources of competitive advantage. How they do this is what you’ll discover in the latest IESE Insight magazine.

The executive dossier will help you engage with the challenges of our times, with an agenda for CEOs to shape the path ahead.

IESE professors Rafael Andreu and Joan E. Ricart emphasize that CEOs need to be disciplined in their decision-making, innovative in their work and responsible for their people, making ethics an integral part of an interdependent, dynamic general management framework.

In another article, IESE professors Fabrizio Ferraro and Bruno Cassiman call upon corporate leaders to use strategic arbitrage, business model experimentation and organizational orchestration to deal with the challenges posed by globalization, digitization and politicization.

Closing the dossier, Harvard Business School’s Michael Tushman urges corporate leaders to embrace ambidexterity, and be equally adept at exploiting current business success while simultaneously exploring profitable new avenues; in other words, to become an ambidextrous leader.

Elsewhere in the magazine, IESE’s Hakan Ener poses six key questions that senior executives, heads of business units and corporate divisions should start asking themselves, so that the start-up spirit finds free expression in the corporate world.

Meanwhile, Thales S. Teixeira, another Harvard Business School contributor, reveals content strategies for ads that drive online sales. He shows how four different types of TV ads can best be used to capture attention, build brands and prompt people to go online to purchase products and services.

In the interview, Thomas Rabe, Chairman & CEO of Bertelsmann, concurs that TV can be a powerful force. Media providers, like him, need to be thinking in terms of video-on-demand services and "second screen" offerings via apps, to keep viewers engaged when using smartphones or tablets while watching television.

This issue also includes words of wisdom from the renowned scholar Henry Mintzberg, who reminds managers that sometimes the best ideas reveal themselves through what they see and do. He reminds us that perhaps we should spend more time looking and listening - not least to the people whom we serve.

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