Africa from Africa

Prof. África Ariño, live from Lagos and Nairobi

28/02/2014 Barcelona

África Ariño

Africa is making headlines around the world. IESE Prof. África Ariño has decided to find out what the buzz is all about for herself, taking a long journey from Lagos to Nairobi in what she describes as “a year’s sabbatical learning about Africa.”

During her first few months in Lagos she will work on the “Africa-to-Africa” project researching the internationalization of African companies. In April she will move to Strathmore Business School in Nairobi where she will stay for a few months.

Everything about this “learning journey” will be recounted in the blog Africa from Africa where she has already begun to describe her experiences as a teacher and researcher at Lagos Business School and the stories of the many African companies and entrepreneurs with whom she will be working.

“As a native of Melilla by birth,” says Ariño, referring to the Spanish-run enclave in north Africa, “I’ve always felt the call of Africa.” That call has beckoned her now as an adult. She is eager to share her experiences through her posts and welcomes readers to join her on the journey.

For IESE Africa is more than a fad

IESE has had an important presence in Africa since 1992 when its professors helped to establish Lagos Business School, followed by Strathmore Business School in Nairobi (Kenya) and more recently MDE Business School, in Abidjan (Ivory Coast).

The three schools continue to have a close-knit relationship with IESE on many levels. For over twenty years, for example, several IESE faculty members have devoted countless hours of teaching and faculty training to support these three schools in their endeavor. On a continent making headlines for its business potential, ironically Africa simultaneously suffers from a dearth of management education opportunities. Therefore these schools’ executive programs have an important role in supporting businesses and entrepreneurs as key players for Africa’s development.

The Africa Initiative, led by Prof. Lluís Renart, continues to foster this close relationship between IESE and its associated schools in Africa. At the same time, the initiative aims to further develop and ensure the positive impact of IESE’s activities on the African continent.