New Program to Bridge Strategy and Operational Execution

Wharton & IESE join forces for dual impact

18/03/2014 New York

Business Strategy & Operational Execution: Bridging the Divide

If the business climate in a complex and competitive world defies forecasts, one way to tame its uncertainty is to join forces. IESE and Wharton have done just that in the design of a new two-week program, Business Strategy & Operational Execution: Bridging the Divide, to be launched in June 2014.

Both Wharton and IESE will be leveraging their locations and long track record of top executive education programs to meet the most pressing training needs of global senior executives. There are no easy answers or formulas to what Pedro Videla, IESE Professor of Economics and one of program’s faculty directors characterizes as fast-paced continual challenges that are "compounded by the macroeconomic impact of emerging markets, global demographic shifts, and income inequality within and across countries."

What the program can do, says Videla, is "to give participants the tools and frameworks for identifying all the challenges they face in today’s changing business environment so they can develop effective strategies and apply them in day-to-day operations."

His Wharton counterpart, Karl Ulrich, Professor of Operations and Information Management, agrees. "Our intent in joining with IESE is to provide global market insight and hands-on experiences that span geography, academic perspectives and pedagogical methods."

The program is a coast-to-coast journey, beginning with one week at Wharton’s San Francisco campus and ending with a week at IESE’s New York Center. The intense and condensed format is designed to give senior executives a unique strategic and global perspective and the operational tactics needed to achieve business goals.

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