Ten Articles to Help You Ease Back Into Work

IESE Insight’s Ten Top Reads

03/09/2014 Barcelona

IESE Insight

Going back to work after the summer vacation is never easy. Taking it one step at a time not only helps you prioritize pending items, it also gives you a chance to review pressing business issues. Here are ten articles from IESE Insight to help you reconnect.

  1. Decision Tools to Keep You on the Right Path
    Using good judgment in decision-making doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Implementing a specific method however, and using the right tools and practical strategies, can significantly increase your chances. In this article, IESE’s Rafael de Santiago outlines what these are.
  2. Five Keys to Being Positively Defiant in Trying Times
    Why do some companies perform exceptionally well in spite of challenging economic circumstances? Kim Cameron of the University of Michigan discusses how positive organizational leadership helps successful companies grow in the face of adversity.
  3. Smart Cities, Sustainable Progress
    Urbanization, demographic shifts and pollution are some of the biggest challenges that modern cities face. In this article, Joan Enric Ricart, Pascual Berrone and José Manuel Barrionuevo outline the strategic planning methodologies needed to create smart cities, and transform challenge into opportunities for growth and development.
  4. Five Skills Every Leader Needs to Succeed in the Digital World
    The increasing density of digital connections is driving change in the ways businesses compete and offer value to customers. This phenomenon calls for new, blended approaches to business strategy and organizational structure.
    Professors Sandra Sieber, Evgeny Kaganer and Javier Zamora identify the key competencies that leaders should possess to negotiate crucial digital transformation across their organization.
  5. Think You Have Power? Check Your Perceptions
    Leaders’ capacity to do their job and achieve certain goals hinges on their ability to influence others. Drawing on his research in psychology and organizational behavior, Professor Sebastien Brion identifies six steps to acquiring power or control over valuable resources, and using that power for the good of the entire organization.
  6. Mindfulness: Multiply Productivity Through Undivided Attention
    Mindfulness is the ability to tune out the noise and focus only on what is important. As an approach to business, it is gaining traction amongst a growing number of multinationals. It is also an effective antidote to mental wear and tear caused by our multiscreen, multi-tasking working lives. Alberto Ribera and José Luis Guillén analyze the positive effects of undivided attention for individuals and organizations as a whole.
  7. Top Team Behavior for Winning Results
    They say it’s lonely at the top. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be. Recent research shows that an integrated management team that can overcome its isolation is capable of generating a domino effect, increasing productive energy throughout the entire organization. Anneloes Raes, Assistant Professor of People Management in Organizations, invites leaders to ask themselves some key questions in order to improve their cognitive flexibility, integrative bargaining, mutual influencing and creativity.
  8. Six Items for the Top of Every Board’s Agenda
    The role of the board in a business is often the subject of debate. However the time has come to learn from past mistakes and redefine its functions in terms of what its essential role should be: driving long-term business success. IESE Dean Jordi Canals identifies the six key items that should be at the top of every board’s agenda.
  9. The Decline of Main Street, the Rise of Multichannel Retail
    Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding how today’s consumers shop. If new concepts such as the pop-up store, showrooming, click & collect or flagship leave you bewildered, this article by IESE Professor José Luis Nueno will bring you up to speed.
  10. Workplace Conflict: Three Paths to Peace
    Though conflict is inherent in all human activity, oftentimes we try to pretend it does not exist. Kirstie McAllum provides an analysis of three types of systems to reduce, mitigate and resolve conflicts that can emerge in any company. Because, while conflict is inevitable and can even be desirable, it’s always best to tackle a problem head on than permit it to fester unresolved.

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